1. Price

Pricing is everything, if you price it too high, it will sell your competition, as days on the market increases, your chance at selling at a good price decreases. A in-depth comparative market analysis is strongly recommended.

2. Lockbox and easy access

Lockbox has become a standard, the combination is only released to buyer agent’s office, and they will accompany buyers each time. You should make arranging showings easy for buyer agent, generally anytime during the day within reason. And please do not stay home during showings, give the buyers the freedom to look around.

3. Declutter

People are masters at keeping junk, that’s why 1800-got-junk is such a successful business. A home full of stuff is not inviting, it makes your space look smaller, buyers will probably pay more attention at your junk than the actual home. Do yourself a favour, remove ALL unnecessary items, store them somewhere else, or throw them away, you will need to do this when you move anyway, why not do it earlier in the process, it will get you a better price too!

4. Depersonalize

Remove your personal belongings, as much as you can, the goal is to make your home show like a model home. Neutral d├ęcor gives potential buyers a better chance of imagine themselves living here. Buying a home is highly emotional, a few details make a whole difference.

5. Smelling nice

This is one of the most important aspect, no one wants to live in a smelly home. Get rid of your cooking smells, pet smells by ventilating your home properly everyday, use an air purifier, or light up a few scented candles. If your home smells, the only thing buyers want to do is leave as soon as they can.

6. The right agent

Having a knowledgeable expert on your side makes a huge difference, it’s easy to become a real estate salesperson, but most quit after a year or two. 10% of agents are doing 90% of the business. Make sure you don’t hire the other 10%. If you have read this far, you must be interested in selling your home, please give me a call to find out, how I can sell your home for the most money.